Splake Planting at Marquette Lower Harbor



What is a splake you ask? A splake is a brook trout – lake trout hybrid fish reared by the Marquette State Fish Hatchery. The hatchery is the primary broodstock and rearing facility for brook and lake trout that are used in both inland and Great Lakes waters. About 25,000 splake will be planted.

As an additional learning opportunity to our hatchery visit last month, we’ve asked the hatchery if our members and the public might be allowed to watch and ask questions about the work they do during a Splake Planting. Drivers will field questions from visitors briefly and will be available for additional questions as necessary.

Due to a last minute freighter arriving this evening, the Splake Planting has had to relocate. The planting will take place at the former Dockside Marine at the end of Baraga Avenue, North of the Founder’s Landing Boardwalk. Parking is available at the Baraga Avenue Lot. The time has also been delayed to 10:15 am.

South Shore Fisherman will be on hand to help scare the gulls away during the plant. They are looking for an opportunity to snack on an injured or sick fish that float to the top.

In you are in the Munising area, an additional planting will take place on Tuesday, May 17 at 11:00 am. at the downtown city dock. If you have any questions please call the hatchery at 249-1611.

Bring the family and friends. Thank you to Jim Aho and the Fish Hatchery staff for making this a learning opportunity!