“Get Out and Explore!” Photo Contest Winners Announced



October 12, 2021

The MooseWood Nature Center announced the winners of its 2020-21 Amateur Photography Contest today. Fifty-four entries from elementary students through adults were submitted in three categories in the first contest for the center, which was extended due to the COVID pandemic.

Winning Best of Show was Northern Michigan University student Anna Nagy for her image “Nightlife at the Ore Dock,” a nighttime image of the ore carrier Herbert C. Jackson that Nagy says “encapsulates the beauty of a walk along Clark Lambros Park beach at night.”

First place in the adult Florals and Macros category was awarded to Jennifer Baringer with a close-up image entitled “Flower Fly.” Baringer indicated a love of exploring nature and taking pics of flowers. “My favorite thing is watching these precious little visitors enjoying everything these beautiful flowers have to offer,” noted Baringer. Second place was taken by Danielle Adams for “Beautiful Yellow Flower,” and third place was awarded to James Paquette for the floral “Caving Ground Smiles.”

In the Elementary School Florals and Macros competition Graham Becker won first place for “Flower of Life,” and Ella LaBar won second for “Monarch Emerged.” First Place in the Middle and High School contest was won by Aurora Gregg with an untitled piece showing autumn leaves.

The Adult Landscapes division was won by Matt Schroderus for his sunset image of a paddle boarder on Teal Lake. Samantha Bohon took second for her Newberry image of “Two-Hearted River Reflection,” and Ossie Weinert won third place with his Kingsford Image “Autumn Flows.”

Josie Becker placed first in Elementary Landscape with her image entitled “Windy Day.” Becker identified the photo as being of a little pond off the Iron Ore Heritage Trail. “I like how calm the environment looks. The wind was blowing softly, so the pond has small ripples,” Becker said. Ella LaBar was a repeat winner with her second-place entry “Summer on the Carp River.”

Hayden Kazerooni won first place in the Middle and High School Landscape division with “The Lesser-Known Arch,” taken on Mackinac Island, and Esme Ulland-Joy placed second for “Sunset at Sunset Point.”

In the Adult Wildlife category Melanie Nebbeling won first place with her image titled “Sleepy Snowy Owl,” taken in a park in downstate Milford. Angela Krzyskowski took second for “Deer in Snow,” also photographed in Milford, and Matthew Stephens was awarded third for “Curious Munching Cottontail.”

Winners receive cash awards and complimentary Center memberships and mugs. The winning photographs will be viewable on the www.moosewood.org website and displayed in November with a date and time to be announced.