June 16th Annual Meeting Planned: “George Shiras, His U.P. Legacy and the Migratory Bird Act”


The MooseWood Nature Center will host its annual meeting on Thursday, June 16, at 6:30 p.m. at Northern Michigan Universities Mead Auditorium, West Science Building, located at 2701 Presque Isle Avenue in Marquette. The public is welcome.

A short business meeting will take place, beginning at 6:30 pm. President Scot Stewart will facilitate the election of incoming board member Carl Wozniak and Dave Kronk and introduce current board members: Tiffany Rantanen, Jeremy Misale, Sue Payant, Jo Foley, Christie Bleck and Wayne Olivier.

Special recognition will be paid to outgoing board member Linda O’Brien, local educator and entrepreneur for her years of service on the board. Julie Olivier will also be recognized for her volunteer hours serving as MooseWood’s bookkeeper. We would also like to highlight other community minded individuals and businesses that have contributed to the Nature Center: Beth Millner Jewelry which recently donated a portion of proceeds from the sale of the Honeycomb jewelry series; Dave Kronk who recently completed the Junior Naturalist After-School Program; Jo Foley and other community members for their work towards the Pool to Pond Project; Geraldine Grant of the Superior Watershed Partnership for her grant work; the Hirvonen Charitable Foundation; and Jeremy Misale for his recent and ongoing work to our turtle habitats. The number of individuals, organizations, and businesses are too numerous to name here. Thank you to all!

Following the business meeting Jim McCommons will present “George Shiras, His U.P. Legacy and the Migratory Bird Act.” McCommons will present a summary of the legal work and advocacy by George Shiras III to realize passage of one of the earliest and most important laws to promote the conservation of wildlife.  The talk will also contain a short overview of his wildlife photography.







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